My Background

1971 – present

“ Welcome to my CV website ”

I grew up in Sunshine Coast hinterland town of Nambour. With a population of about 10,000, Nambour was established around a now defunct sugar mill. My friends and I would walk into town of an afternoon past clattering cane trains and mill workers chattering from pub windows.

After finishing school in 1988 I moved to Brisbane to study science at the University of Queensland. I deferred my degree after two years to join the band Powderfinger An audition with four longhaired private-school hippies a plenty of hard work turned into 20 years of fun travelling the world.

The band finished in 2010 and I began a Bachelor of Journalism at Griffith Uni. I graduate this year. I now live back on the Sunshine Coast with my partner Leanne. Our first child, Nellie, was born in December.



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My Skills

In what I'm good.

News and feature writing

Reporting, researching, editing, interviewing.

Radio news and documentaries

Writing, editing, interviewing, inews, netia, audacity, protools, voice-overs.


Basic SLR photography and editing.

Mentoring Indigenous school kids

Tutoring, supporting, liaising with teachers, parents and students.


Writing, performing, touring, PR, creating large tours.

"I can run through a hurricane and don't get wet" - Muhammad Ali


My studies

I spent all of my school years at Nambour State School. I was a bit of a maths/science kid but also enjoyed music and english. After school I began a Bachelor of Human Movements Studies degree at the University of Queensland but changed to major in Botany after six months. I deferred after two and half years to play music full time. I played drums for the rock band Powderfinger for the next 20 years. We split up in 2010 and over the next three years I studies Journalism at Griffith University in Brisbane. I graduate this year.

Nambour State School- 1976-1988

I studied Maths, Science, English and Music. TE Score 965/990

University of Queensland- 1989-1991
Bachelor of Science (Biology) incomplete

I spent two and a half years at UQ but left to pursue a musical career.

School of Life- 1991-2010
Played music for Australia

Griffith University- 2006-2013
Bachelor of Journalism

Specialisation: Politics and Government and International Relations. GPA: 6.5

"It's hard to make predictions, especially about the future" - Yogi Berra


My work history
Yalari - 2011-2013
Student Support Officer

Yalari is a not-for-profit organisation that offers quality, secondary education scholarships at Australia’s leading boarding schools for Indigenous children from remote, rural and regional communities. Support Officers (SSOs) act as a mentor, friend and guide. They liaise with schools and parents to make sure the student is happy and healthy at all times during their time at school.

Powderfinger - 1991-2010
Drummer, song-writer, director

Powderfinger earned a total of eighteen ARIA Awards making them the second most awarded band behind Silverchair. Ten Powderfinger albums and DVDs were certified multiple-platinum status, with Odyssey Number Five – their most successful album – achieving eight times platinum certification for shipment of over 560,000 units.

Nambour Hospital - 1988-1990
Linen Collection Officer (Part time)

Nambour Hospital is the largest hospital on the Sunshine Coast. Linen Collection Officers were charged with distributing, organising and collection laundry though out the complex.

The Big Pineapple - 1985-1988
Waiter, Kitchen Hand

The now defunct Big Pineapple was one of the largest tourist destinations on the Sunshine Coast until people fell out of love with the extravagant taste of pineapple parfaits and banana splits.

Despite working the odd job in hospitality, a hospital and digging holes for landscapers, I have spent most of my adult life working as a musician. I was a drummer, songwriter, part-time producer and director in the band Powderfinger. We were lucky enough to sell over a million albums, tour the world and win 18 Australian Recording Industry Awards (ARIAs). We also had two songs voted number one in Australia's largest music poll, the Triple J Hottest 100. After Powderfinger disbanded, I worked as a Student Support Officer for the Indigenous Education Fourndation, Yalari, from 2011 to 2013. Recently, I've done internships at the Sunshine Coast Daily, ABC Online in Brisbane and ABC Radio Sunshine Coast.


My work
Noosa Parks Association package (ABC Coast FM)

Noosa Parks Association package (ABC Coast FM)

The NPA could be the most powerful environment group on the Sunshine Coast. Here's an interview with their President, Ian Seels.   [ca_audio url_mp3="" url_ogg="" skin="regular" align="none"]  

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It's a hard, cold fact - man flu is nothing to sniff at! (Sunshine Coast Daily)

It’s a hard, cold fact – man flu is nothing to sniff at! (Sunshine Coast Daily)

BY JON COGHILL NEW studies have revealed what men have known since they came down from the trees. The mythical man flu may be real and coming to a couch near you. British neuroscientist Amanda Ellison has researched the much-maligned...

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Best Female Award rant for Washington (Rolling Stone Magazine March 2012)

Best Female Award rant for Washington (Rolling Stone Magazine March 2012)

The fearless performer is challenging the cred set, says Powderfinger's Jon Coghill. The Australian music industry is stiflingly small. You're either an indie band that gets played on Triple J for a few months, or you win The X Factor...

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The man in charge of Sunset (travel piece for Sunshine Coast Daily)

The man in charge of Sunset (travel piece for Sunshine Coast Daily)

"OK, I'LL explain it to you once, and clearly," barks local Sunset Beach "enforcer" Ken Bradshaw at the terrified young Brazilian surfer, 300m out to sea. Bradshaw, 60 - bronzed, mad dog-eyed, looming large - is the authority at Sunset...

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A letter to John Pilger

A letter to John Pilger

John, I am writing to say I find your reporting compelling and well researched. But I am also troubled by it's meaning. Let me explain. I spent the last three years studying journalism but also working for an Australian Indigenous...

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Tiger cubs (ABC Coast FM voicer - script only)

Tiger cubs (ABC Coast FM voicer – script only)

EX-RN-BNE       tiger cubs AM  coghill/skinner/lloyd      Australia Zoo says two young tiger cubs have invigorated the gene pool of the critically endangered Sumatran tiger. Giles (JIGHLS) Clark says their mother Kaitlyn has passed on a bloodline...

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Feral cats (ABC Coast FM wrap - script only)

Feral cats (ABC Coast FM wrap – script only)

FERAL CATS 1 EX-RN-BNE coghill/skinner/mjb The Queensland Government has declared war on the state's two-million feral cats that are devastating wildlife and national parks. Jon Coghill reports... CART: The government has signed up more park rangers and hired the National...

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Bikie charade (ABC Coast FM voicer - script only)

Bikie charade (ABC Coast FM voicer – script only)

EX-RN-BNE                                                           bikie charade AM               ...

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Bras 'n bikers (ABC Coast FM voicer - script only)

Bras ‘n bikers (ABC Coast FM voicer – script only)

EX-RN-BNE   bras n' bikers  1 coghill/skinner/lloyd  regs A charity motorbike group on the Sunshine Coast says it'd be a low act if police pull them over during their annual ride this weekend. The Bras n' Bikes Ride will go...

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